“Complementing capabilities to get innovation quickly to the most appropriate marketplace”

The rules that regulate in our country the approval of Medical Products for their commercialization are dictated by the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT), under the National Ministry of Health, which is responsible for setting the standards that medicines, food and medical products must comply with. Due to the harmonization with the Mercosur member states, through Provision 3802/2004, the activity of manufacturing and importing medical products in national jurisdiction is now regulated in accordance with the "Mercosur Technical Regulations for the Registration of Medical Products". These regulations are essential to guarantee the health of the population through the strict control of the products marketed in our country.

However, because scientists do not have (and do not have to have) the infrastructure and the appropriate regulatory environment, these regulations represent an obstacle that greatly reduces the possibilities for potential.

Innovative medical products resulting from scientific research reach the hands of medical professionals and health care institutions.

TESLA MEDICAL DEVICES offers the experience of skilled professionals from different fields such as Medicine, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Industrial Production, Marketing, Export, to partner with independent innovative entrepreneurs or from different Universities and State Institutions, as well as small start-ups incubated in them, specialized in the creation of medical instruments and equipment. This will enable the production of innovative products with a high level of quality and competitive prices, targeting specific markets with high added value.

TESLA MEDICAL DEVICES aspires to continuously introduce innovative products in an already innovative and growing activity, Medical Technology. This innovation is supported by a solid production methodology and a strict quality policy that allows its penetration in any market, regardless of its regulatory requirements, based on the application of good manufacturing practices and with a demanding quality control and assurance inserted in a continuous improvement system.